Smile Bags

Our mission is simple, we want to make a child smile. One way we do this is through our Smile Bags.  We want to surprise a child with a small gift that can brighten their day.  These gift bags may have some craft supplies, stickers, and/or a book or toy to help relieve some of the anxiety of being at the hospital. Our hope is to also take some of the burden away from the families who already have a lot to think about and let them know that good wishes are sent their way.  Each bag will be distributed to patients by the hospital staff.

Birthday Bags

Birthdays are special, and should be filled with fun surprises and good times. Children who have life threatening diseases or are in the hospital during their special day, may not be able to celebrate the way they would like. Another part of our mission is to make a child's birthday as special as possible. Our goal is to provide a birthday bag that has a particular toy, game, book or gift card that the child really wants. We will also provide a birthday pin, stickers, “party favors” for the children to hand out to visitors, and a birthday card. Each bag will be distributed by the hospital staff or the child's parents.